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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Become a Sunverde Business Center Franchisee?

1Submit the letter of intent and filled up the franchise information sheet:
Carlito G. Cabatac
Operations Director
Sunverde Hotels & Resorts
Suite 801 Xavierville Square Condominium
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Tel. no.: 4267173 – local 67
Cel. no.: 0927-2584509
*You can call at our landline during office hours (9AM-6PM) and  at my cellphone number after office hours.
2We will review your letter of intent and franchise info sheet.
3Once approved, you will be invited to discuss Sunverde Franchise details and filled up the official franchise application form.
4Your proposed location will be examined.
5The Franchise Business agreement will executes.
6Outlet set-up and staff training will commence.
7We will assist and support in grand opening.
8CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to Sunverde Business Center!!

Who are qualified to be a Sunverde Business Center Franchisee?

People with preferably successful professional track record, not necessarily businessman, with emphasis on people-handling skills and management, business oriented people with experience in other service-oriented business will be advantageous. Franchisee should be motivated to succeed and be outgoing person with entrepreneurial spirit who enjoys working, communicating and relating with employees and customers. It is important that Franchisee accepts the pros and cons of Franchising.

What are the benefits one can derive from acquiring Sunverde Business Center Franchise?

Your benefits as a Sunverde Business Center Franchisee are the following:

  • Use of Trade Name and Proprietary Marks
  • Site Approval and Construction Supervision
  • Training for Franchisee, Supervisors, Staff
  • Procurement Program
  • Pre-Opening Assistance
  • Grand Opening Assistance
  • Business Operating System
  • Operations Manual
  • Research and Development
  • Marketing and Promotional Assistance
  • Continuing Support through field visits

Do you require hands-on Management from the Franchisee?

Not required but preferred. Franchisee must hire staff who will be trained by us.

How much is the initial investment for a Sunverde Business Center franchise?

The Franchise initial investment is P585K for a single stand-alone outlet.

What composed of the P585K Franchise Package?

The following are the inclusions in the Sunverde Business Package:


  • System Fee/Operations Manual- Training
  • Hardware Support -Desktop Computer (2), Printer(2) – dot matrix & 3 in 1 printer, Cellphone (2) Lighted Signage(single phase 3×8 ft, double phase 2×5 ft & indoor signage), CCTV Camera, Money Detector etc.
  • Marketing Materials – Posters, Banners (soon to open), Fliers, Tarpaulin & Forms
  • Hotel Accommodation (6 nights/7 days – Subic or Tagaytay)
  • Staff Uniform (3 sets – for 2)
  • E-wallet Security Deposits (REVOLVING FUND – for ticketing, remittance, bills payment, e-loading, BSP Money Gram Bond) Prefunding..(P80K)

Will Franchisor provide the site and construction of the building or outlet?

Each Franchisee is responsible for securing his own location. All potential sites must be submitted to Sunverde Office for approval. Construction or renovation is entirely at the expense of the Franchisee.

Is the Franchisee required to purchase all his equipment and supply needs from Franchisor?

Franchisor will provide the hardware support such as desktop computer, printer, cell phone and signage (2×6 in size single face, double face and indoor signboard) plus the outlet design and specification, the rest of the furniture and other improvements will be shouldered by the Franchisee.

What pre-opening services do Sunverde offer?

Prior to and upon opening, representatives will assist you in planning a proper advertising and promotion campaign that will ensure maximum exposure to your target market with training of personnel and arranging the Outlet Opening.

How Soon Can I Open My Business Center?

Description Time Frame
Orientation 1 day
Desired Location Approval 1st week
Improvements / Securing Local Permits 2nd week
Contract Signing & Training 2nd week
Business Center Dry Run 3rd week
Grand Opening 3rd – 4th week

What training assistance and on-going support do Sunverde offer?

Sunverde Business Center has spent a great deal of time and effort in developing its system and products and accepts no compromise in service quality and control. For this reason, we require Franchisee and Staff to complete our training program and demonstrate mastery of certain skills. The cost of training is included in the Franchise Fee. Allowances, transportation and lodging for trainees are at the expense of Franchisee. Our confidential Operations Manual details the Sunverde Business Center Franchise System in every aspect of the daily operation. We also provide routine outlet and regular visits to ensure your business is running smoothly.

Are there any other fees to be paid by the franchisee?

Monthly Advertisement, Research and Development (Royalty Fee 5%) is charged on the gross commission of the Franchisee after 3 months of operation. This royalty fee is for the use of the trade name “Sunverde Business Center” and its operating systems; it also covers marketing fund contributions as well as research and development.

What is the required floor area for a Sunverde Business Center?

For the single outlet, the required floor area is minimum of 15 square meter and maximum of 35 square meter. Franchisee could also have more than the required minimum area.

Can I apply for a franchise even if I don’t have a site or location in mind?

Yes. Sunverde will assist you in evaluating an ideal and viable site for the Business Center.

Can a corporation or cooperative apply for a Sunverde Business Center franchise?

Yes.  As long as they qualify and submit the requirements as corporation or cooperative.

How much is the expected return on investment (ROI)?

Several factors determine ROI, including sales, market potential, investment cost, and the ability of the franchisee to control the operating expenses. As long as these factors are managed properly, ROI should be high.

How long is the franchise term?

The Sunverde franchise term is 5 years and renewable.