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History of the Company

In 1958, Simeon O. Olonan went to Manila to seek greener pastures for his growing family. He left behind his wife and two children then in his native province of Catanduanes. In 1960, he brought the whole family to the city from the province where he knew he could give a brighter future to his children. After working as an employee for eleven years, Simeon established the S. Olonan Glass Supply in 1969. He started with a Two Thousand Peso (P2,000.00) capital and success came in gradually. After several years, the simple family business grew as the demand for their products increased.

During this time, Simeon’s eldest son, Enrique, also known as Henry to family and friends, was already helping in the business. At that time, Henry was still in college but already marketing their services to his classmates who have graduated from the university. The business grew rapidly as it ventured into other products such as steelworks, woodworks and furniture making.

In 1975, upon passing the board examinations in Architecture, Henry put up E. Olonan Enterprises which became an improved version of his father’s company. More services and products were offered as the company grew rapidly. After years of hard work and persistence, it was time to move on to bigger things.

Amidst political uncertainty and economic instability, Arch. Olonan bravely incorporated his company in 1982. Specified Contractors Inc. (SCI) was born. At that time, it was categorized by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) as a Category ‘B’ contractor. Being a general contractor, the company involved itself in diversified projects such as commercial, industrial, residential and interior renovations.

SCI was at the forefront when the country’s future was uncertain. After the political crisis in 1986, the infant years of SCI, it took small projects which slowly but surely built the confidence of its clients. In 1988, SCI got its biggest break when it became part of the team which renovated the Hotel Nikko Manila Garden ( now known as Dusit Hotel).

At that point on, there was no turning back. The construction boom was in its full swing in the late 80’s towards the early 90’s and SCI took on more challenging projects. Eventually, it was elevated by the PCAB to a Category ‘AA’ contractor. At this point, the company invested in land which will become an integral part of the company’s future.

The success in the construction industry soon turned into a real estate boom and SCI was part of it every step of the way. In 1994, SCI became Specified Contractors and Development Inc. (SCDI) which diversified into its own projects. As a property developer, SCDI’s initial venture was the Sunrise Hill Condominium (which was later renamed Sunrise Holiday Mansion Building 1) which broke ground that same year. Upon its completion in 1996, SCDI immediately followed its growth with the start of the construction of Sunrise Holiday Mansion Building 2. That same year, Specified Management and Holding Company, Inc. was born to manage the hotel operations of the condominium and future projects of SCDI.

Arch. Olonan, being a true blooded Architect, enjoyed designing his own projects through the architectural firm which bears his name, Enrique O. Olonan and Associates Architects. He conceptualizes the design of the buildings from start to finish and adds inputs upon its implementation in the construction site.

As if good luck ran out after years of prosperity, the whole world was rocked with the Asian financial crisis in 1997. The US Dollar was down as the conversion rate from the Philippine Peso shoot up from $1 = Php28 to $1 = Php52. The real estate industry in the Philippines was hit very hard. At that time, construction of the Sunrise Holiday Mansion Building 2 was just 50% complete and SCDI’s third development, the Xavierville Square Condominium, was only 70% complete.

Hope was scarce during that time and SCDI was moments away from a monumental collapse like any other real estate company at that time. Not losing hope, Arch. Olonan discovered a new business which would eventually help him finish the two buildings. With pure determination, courage and God’s blessing in his heart, Arch. Olonan formed the Sunrise Holiday Concepts Inc. (SHCI) in 1998 to support the company’s growing expenses and debts. Arch. Olonan ventured to an entirely new business, the time-share industry.

SHCI became the first Filipino owned timeshare company in the Philippines with SEC registration 003. As it turned out, the decision reaped colossal rewards. SHCI became the leader in the industry from 1998 to 2004. More importantly, the company became very successful and was able to get funds to pay the debts it had at that time and finish the two buildings.

The survival stage lasted for two and a half years . During this period, Arch. Olonan concentrated on the hotel operations of the company. But being a hardcore businessman, he was never contented. During his trips to the United States, Arch. Olonan saw a need for the baby boomers who were all set in returning back to the Philippines. Their concerns revolved around security and safety. With this in mind, Arch. Olonan saw a new industry emerging : the retirement industry.

At present, SCDI is developing its biggest property so far, the Subic Holiday Villas (SHV), a leisure and retirement community situated on a 4-hectare lot within the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Through its subsidiary company, Starland Properties Inc., formed in late 2003, it already has constructed and completed the Villa Enrique and Villa Cecilia (with a combined 135 rooms), the clubhouse, swimming pool and common parking area. All of these form part of the first phase of the SHV which was inaugurated in May,2006. The company has gone global, reaching Filipinos around the globe, particularly in the United States of America.

Due to the enormous blessings that the company has received through the years, Solid Future Foundation Inc. (SFFI) was born in 2003 to help marginalized Filipinos especially in the Olonan’s hometown province of Catanduanes. This is Arch. Olonan and his wife, Celia’s way of paying back for all the blessings they have received. They have never forgotten the humblest of beginnings where they came from. Its operation started though, in October 2005. It has already organized several medical missions, seminars and relief goods operations. It continues to reach out to students, victims of calamities and people willing to have a difference in their lives.

Last August 2007, the company broke ground for the third building in the SHV known as the Villa Esteban, which has 83 rooms, bringing the total number of rooms in the complex at 218, the biggest condominium compound so far in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, the country’s premiere seaport.

When 2009 came, Sunverde Hotels and Resorts Inc. headed by Mr. Erick Andrew R. Olonan , was established. It is an affiliate company of Specified Contractors and Developers Inc. and Starland Properties Inc. , the owner/developer of two premiere hotels :

  • Sunrise Holiday Mansion,located in Royal Tagaytay Estate, Alfonso Cavite, Metro Tagaytay.
  • Subic Holiday Villas,located in Kalayaan Heights, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales.

Sunverde Hotels and Resorts Inc. serves as the management company of its affiliate hotels, boosting its hospitality expertise from room accommodation, food and beverage to banquet functions. Sunverde Hotels and Resorts Inc. introduces its new product for its guests.

Just this year 2011, Sunverde started to engage in direct selling of quality products and consumer services thru the SUNVERDE FRANCHISE BUSINESS CENTERS. It is a multi-faceted and high value Online Business Centers throughout the country to be run by Entrepreneurs. It is a privilege given to selected individuals or groups with the interest to engage in the consumer services and direct selling of products .

Sunverde Business Center lists of services includes Remittance with Smart Money Center and Bills Payment providing real-time fund transfer solutions to our remittance partners, door to door, pickup and Electronic Payment Solutions. We also provide Local & International Ticketing and Booking, and E-loading transactions through our web-portal and mobile gateways. We also create value through strategic partnership and tie-ups with banks, couriers, remittance companies, mobile phone companies and payment solution providers, thus creating a wide network of loyal costumer locally and globally.